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Dirk Yates is one of the major figures in the male porn industry--really really big. He has been doing videos of Marines for years. He got started a long time ago in San Diego paying Marines to jack off on film, then such and fuck each other.

The Murder of Kathleen Peterson - Documentary

Thousands of Marines and sailors over the years--mostly straight really great looking guys. He is a legend in the USMC. There was even a Department of Defense investigation about him. I heard about him when I was stationed in San Diego a long time ago. In any case, Dirk grew even bigger in the industry; he's now done probably a thousand films and launched a lot of guys into Falcon and other big studios.

Murder, They Wrote

His major thing is discovering macho young guys--mostly Marines. I also know from guys who know him well that he is a very nice guy, and so is his major assistant. Dirk has become so successful that he now runs a resort in Palm Springs--it is where his major stars hang out and where big buck guys pick them up.

My personal favorite is Rick Ritter, a sailor who has done about six flicks for Dirk and is absolutely gorgeous. He tricks for about what you want--so you better be good. Here is what I suggest: Do it! By the way, I have no financial interest in this and don't need the money as you will find out when you come here and see my place.

Check out the guys and check out his resort. Then go hang out--audition! I have not been so can't tell you about it, but if you're as good as you say, you have a chance of making the big time--if that's your interest. I always wondered what my life would have been as a porn star. My Cecil B. DeMille moment was poster boy for the Marines, posters in every recruit office in America--but that was long ago.

Spring 12222

If you want further info, come up Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll give you more info and some of Dirk's movies. Also an intro through friends--but check out his site first to see how real this is.

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But if that's not your interest, come anyway--I have friends at both State and UNC who could assist you in an admission. Or just come up for straight-on business, no strings attached--I'll just fuck your ass for the set price. According to your reviews, you're a fuck machine, but I have a hard time visioning a tennis player as a fuck machine.

I played baseball. I see tennis players as bottoms. Brad, I enjoy your emails also. So what the fuck were you doing in the Army? Of course, this was in the days Duke let dummies in.

A Mysterious Death

Still, with your scores, why waste time at UNC or State? And by the way, you will do much better this time around--scores go way up after a few years out of school. Wednesday could be a little iffy. I have to chair a meeting that starts at 7: Motion to preclude evidence from illegal search Mike Peterson's attorneys want a pretrial hearing to ensure evidence prosecutors want to present during his retrial isn't linked to a search of the Peterson home that was later determined to be illegal.

Evidence handling motion in Peterson case Mike Peterson's attorneys are questioning how evidence from his murder trial has been stored as they prepare for his retrial. State's appeal to Supreme Court over Mike Peterson's retrial. Judge's order for Mike Peterson retrial Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson details his factual findings and legal conclusions in his decision to grant Mike Peterson a new trial in the death of his wife. It covers the story of Michael Peterson, a novelist who in was convicted of murdering his wife two years earlier.

The documentary is full of twists and bizarre theories surrounding what was undoubtedly a very strange case. Early in the morning on Dec.

The True Story Of The Murder Mystery Behind Netflix’s The Staircase

According to Peterson, Kathleen had been drinking and mixing the alcohol with valium. When he came back inside from the pool at 2: She fell down the stairs. According to the report, Kathleen had suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries to the head and neck. As a result, she bled to death between 90 minutes and two hours after the trauma occurred.

The autopsy led the police to classify the death as a homicide. Since Peterson was the only one at home at the time, he was the obvious suspect.

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  • The Queasy Verdict of 'The Staircase' - The Atlantic;
  • Michael Peterson And The True Story Of Netflix's 'The Staircase'.
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  • The stage was set for one of the longest, strangest trials in American history. The evidence against Peterson was spotty.

    Documents in Mike Peterson case :: nawocetu.tk

    But the investigators were confident that Kathleen had been murdered. While there was no obvious murder weapon on the scene that could be tied to her husband, the prosecutors believed that they could establish a motive. During the investigation, it was revealed that Michael Peterson was bisexual. Investigators discovered a collection of gay pornography in his possession, and it was revealed that he had been communicating by email with a year-old male escort. With a purported motive and the evidence that Kathleen Peterson had been murdered, the district attorney brought the case to trial.