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When Facebook's advertising system showed the ad had been displayed, Korolova knew the target was gay. Or, at least, that her target was "interested in women" on Facebook. The cost of finding private information this way is "a few cents," according to the paper, and Korolova used the same technique to figure out a target's age and other sensitive stuff. The Times says Korolova notified Facebook of the problem in July and Facebook addressed the vulnerability by making it impossible to target less than 20 people with an ad.

But Korolova says in her paper that someone could simply create 20 fake profiles with the target's characteristics to work around the limitation. Rod resting on a cylinder, find mu Apr 04, Math Challenge - April Apr 04, Related Stories.

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Facebook adds civil unions option to profiles Feb 17, Oct 15, Jun 01, Belief in God, parenthood prompt gay partners to make commitment Jul 30, Mar 17, Jan 15, Recommended for you. European Parliament adopts copyright reform in blow to big tech Mar 26, Mar 12, Feb 22, Nov 20, Nov 05, User comments. Feb 19, And still no Heartbroken status. Seperated doesn do it for me, whatever it means. Report Block. This comment has been removed by a moderator.

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Feb 20, Faggots and the un-natural life style they have chosen should be banned. Children should not be exposed to these evil people on the internet or elsewhere.

How Facebook's Targeted Ads Revealed One User's Sexuality

If anything should be banned, it is Christian superstition, not faggots, you bigoted fool. Even a troll like yourself should know the basic fact that it isn't a choice. Plus I think more people would agree to keep the bigoted Christians off of the internet, the gays can stay: I think it's a terrible idea to keep the bigoted Christians off the Internet.

After all, if they aren't allowed in here, how will they open their mouths and remove all doubt?

Ten Walls has been called out for making a homophobic outburst

Of course homosexuality isn't a choice. If it was a choice then Uganda would have no homosexuals whatsoever. Feb 21, Reported as abuse. Against TOS.

18 Anti-Gay Groups and Their Propaganda

Hopefully account will be deleted. Sign in. Forgot Password Registration. What do you think about this particular story?

Pete Buttigieg claps back at Mike Pence, says he needs to stop being such a sniveling homophobe

Your message to the editors. Your email only if you want to be contacted back. A handful of commenters agreed with her view, but others soon began objecting, leading to a passionate back-and-forth. Later in the thread, a Union Township resident, Judy Amorosa, challenged Knox, who defended her anti-gay stance in religious terms. That's why Jesus came and gave his life as an offering for our souls; so we could once again be right-standing," Knox's page said.

Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong.

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A parent copied the remarks and forwarded them to attorney John Paragano, a former Union resident. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it. It's unclear if Knox was at school, at home or both when she made the comments. She posted some shortly after noon last Wednesday.

The Union case is one of a handful of incidents involving teachers and social networking to crop up in New Jersey and across the nation as online socializing explodes in popularity. In Florida, a former "teacher of the year" was reassigned in August after posting Facebook comments critical of same-sex marriage.

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In Paterson, a first-grade teacher was suspended in April and faces tenure charges after posting on Facebook, "I'm not a teacher.