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That's where they want to keep us and we love indulging them. R can demonstrated visibly that he can withstand the social pressures to look good. Bully for you. Everyone has drama. But if you think gay drama is "bad", deal with a straight man, who's been taught by society to hide his feelings, not express emotions, and not develop his personality or emotional IQ in any way. You'll get a whole shitload of drama.

You'll just never, EVER see it coming. And when it does, it will be quick and violent, like a summer thunderstorm. If the allegations are true, Carl Pavano could be one of the few males who are gay and masculine. Of course, even if true, he is more likely bisexual, not gay. Actually, OP I've found that most gay men are much more attractive than most of the straight men I've come in contact with.

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Gay men seem to care more about their physical appearance than do breeders; particularily the breeders that are married. Gay men take better care of themselves, partly because they have more respect for their partners or potential partners. The stereotypical straight man has no respect for his partner. He looks, dresses, and acts like a slob yet still expects to be able to land chicks whenever he wants and gets angry when it doesn't happen.

I wish there were quarterback-types that were openly gay. Just a lack of masculine dudeish guys in this society that identify as gay. We need a dude like Eric Decker to identify as gay publicly. IT would change the negative effeminate image of gay males. It's funny how 'mos will do any straight guy or any gay guy if he has money. If Parson was a non famous gay, you'd be leaving the bar alone. Yeah, there are about 16 times more heterosexual men than gay and bisexual men, at least based on self identity. Im a lesbian and I have to admit that for me to find a woman attractive, she has to be truly feminine, ie submissive in some way and this is related to being attracted to men.

A truly feminine woman or truly masculine guy will always be attracted however little to the opposite sex because lets face it, being attracted to men is a big part of being a proper woman and same for men being attracted to woman. Thats why gay people can never find a gay guy truly attractive, because to be truly attractive that means the guy needs to be masculine, and part of being masculine is that of being attracted to women.

To be truly ggender conforming one must be somewhat however slighttly attracted to the opposite sex. That means they cant be gay. And I agree, the hottest men and women are always bisexual or straight not saying they're all hot, most bi women are actually really ugly but on the whole they can encapsulate that true masculinity or femininity. First of all, sexuality and gender conformity are not the same thing. The circles do not match on your Venn diagram. Second, gender stereotypes are not always most attractive.

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A slim blnd girl with no muscles can be hyper feminine without being attractive to either men or women. Similarly, bodybuilders often turn people off. As for basing your view of their attractiveness off their attractiveness to opposite sex Bodybuilders are not the masculine ideal, they are an extreme body type, at least heavy weight bodybuilders are. Lots of lean, ripped muscle, but not so much that guys have to wear special fat clothes or walk funny.

Most good looking buff shaved men leave me cold. Often there is something about the seemingly ordinary guy next door that boils my blood. There are a ton of hot gay guys that vblog on youtube Shaun T is the hottest most masculine athletic openly gay dude in the nation right now, unless he identifies as bisexual. As a child we believed that men became homosexuals because they were too ugly to get fish. How shocked we were when we learned that in reality its the beauties who are usually homosexual even if they also fuck fish!

Lesbians complain about the same thing and looking at the out ones, I have to think they might have a point since very few are hot. But I figure that the out ones may just care less about image and are less likely to stay closeted, plus they can't do so good a job of hiding. You can say that again. I have yet to meet a gay guy, with the exception of myself who really is hot, who doesn't think he's the bell of the ball. I used to think that myself, that the very best lookers were straight and most gays I saw were trolls. Never trust someone who says they want to be an actor or a singer - major ghey!

I hate to admit it, but I find even the most frumpy of middle-aged straight guys hotter than the primped and preened gay ones. I think straight metrosexuals are unattractive too BTW.

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What about the ones who call you a faggot and vote against gay rights, R? I think those straight guys are the hottest. Is this thread about real people or just celebrities? The title offends me as designed, no doubt so I haven't read it. I just shot the biggest load of my life, R! I LOVE those fags! But, I hate fags. I'm torn. I love fags but I hate fags. This must be a generational older people problem.. Go to any major city LA, NYC and it's a coin-toss as to whether the hottest young men are gay or straight. In fact, I'd say proportionally, gay men are hotter than most of the overweight sad sack straight guys who let themselves go after college their mids and have big 'ol beer bellies.

Amongst younger men, in fact, it's getting harder and harder to tell which guys are gay and which guys are straight.. R7 hit it right on the head. There are some extremely hot gay men out there but most tend to ruin it by overdoing the grooming thing. Manicured and waxed eyebrows look bad enough on a woman, but they are hideous on a man.

Even a lot of butch gay men do this and it is a travesty. Trim them a little, if need be, but for the love of all that is beautiful, don't shape and wax them. I agree. Leave the eyebrows alone.

I would rather see a natural unibrow than a landscaped pair of brows. There's even this queen in my office that completely shaves his off and paints them back on with an eyebrow pencil. It is scary. They are waaaayyyy too arched and he looks like a serial killer clown. LOL, We have a guy in our office that wears tons of foundation and eyeliner. He would be a gorgeous guy without them, but he insists on wearing that crap.

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I saw him once without it and wanted to say something, but it wasn't my place so I left well enough alone. The guy is in his 40s and I guess he thinks it makes him look younger Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Fat and friendless, table for one? Guess I've been deluded all these decades. Poor poor OP. Sad but true. Even all our hot gay porn stars turn out to be straight.

What chance do we stand in Hollywood? I don't know, OP. This gay guy and his big fat cock is packing some serious heat. Malachi Marx is straight, married and with kids, R8. Gays spend too much time grooming themselves. They try way too hard and seem desperate. Straight guys don't give a shit.

R13 straight guys are hot until you rim their stinky assholes. I thought Ricky was from Cuba. I eat old straight men's excrement. Colton Haynes and Matt Bomer. Colton Haynes is hot, ostensibly masculine. Hopefully, he will start a trend. What a bunch of sad, lonely people in this thread.

Sisters by the millions marry fish by the millions in order to hide their 'story'. The self-loathing and pathetic straight male worship never gets old, does it? Brodie Sinclair is bi. R35 he just needed money, what's so difficult to grasp? We need more openly gay and bi dudes like Michael Fitt. Malachi also escorted for rentboy. Please be gay or bi! My type, whatever his identified orientation.

I and millions of others suspect T. So, how does ubermuscle bottom Marc Dylan identify? Yes, because straight guys like Jim Belushi and Tim Allen are sooooo hot. Taylor Lautner is hot and gay. Gavel down. There has to be more.

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Who's is the guy who owns a basketball team who's openly gay? Pic of John Gidding: So true, Mary OP! John Gidding is cute. I could definitely wake up to that smile everyday. R64 - You say "Subculture Outsider Mindset" like it is something to be ashamed of. You my friend are wasting your life. This is where you meet straight-identified and heteroflexible guys. No, R76 will continue being a banal bear. R82, No you are obsessed with me and want to possess me, but you cannot.

Peter Berlin turns 69 today. He was the founding face of gay lib and shockingly beautiful.


I am sure you are NOT my type. Home for the Damaged. More gays are hot than not. Eat me bitch.

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  • Fuck off All these references to 'famous' people is not representational. Come again, OP? It's possible Justin Bieber is gay. That would destroy OP's theory. This thread should've ended after the first mention of Ricky Martin. He's also a very boring narcissist and not even what you'd consider hot, handsome, or even cute. We can only hope. It would cause a meltdown among the olderlies here. At what age does one become an eldergay? More examples of hot gay men,please-excluding porn stars of questionable sexuality. Most bisexuals are not hot, except according to the bi trolls. Bi chicks are especially hot.

    There are hot gay men and I do not count bi guys as gay men , but they are just extremely rare. Lee Pace Richard Armitage Hot, gorgeous and gays. Richard Armitage is not gay, he has a ltr girlfriend for some time now. The reasoning goes south on this thread when you talk about famous people only. There are plenty of hot gay men.

    Bingo, R Even though it is a bit of a stereotype. R52 Heteroflexible is just another word for being bisexual. Op doesn't get out much and it shows.

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    SO many damaged people posting here. I am just not sure what world most of you live in. One man's saucisson is another man's poisson. R IS A flaming queen. Boycott "The Hobbit" as it contains coward cases. OP has obviously never met Johnny Weir. Or richard simmons! To all of the men here who claim that there's no such thing as bisexuality, that bisexual men are always really gay men, or that bisexual men should be avoided: Try studying human sexuality sometime guys instead of just cruising for dick online.

    Hear fucking hear, my good man. Thank god there is an intelligent man on here for a change!! Richard Armitage is not gay in your dreams, fangurl! Call me crazy but I find Sean Maher Firefly very hot. SVU , too! R56 Go spent some time on Outsports. Only straight men like sports and gay men like barbie dolls.

    Don Lemon is pretty goodlooking.

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    I see hot gays everywhere I turn. Except when one of these turns make me look into a mirror. I wonder which fate is worse? OP's or mine? I don't find men who are nellie or total queens to be hot at all. R is correct there are some masculine gay men but many gay men are femmey.

    You guys are all really good at ignoring the troll. If only more openly gay guys were like Mark Sanchez. I'm gay and I haven't met a bitter queen like yourself who I haven't disliked. So what if bi men tend to eventually marry women? That is their right. Get over it. I dont find UK dudes hot period. This is the typical straight man The guys that are hot Gay guys claming otherwise. Some people's taste is all in their mouth. You all know for sure someone is straight or gay just by looking at them? Is there a little thermometer on them showing their straightness vs gayness? Presumptuous bitches.

    Bull shit, R If the one on the far right identifies as gay, it would disprove the OP's claim. Wish he were gay. If only. This guy has popped up on the net a lot, Justin Clynes, why can't a guy like this be gay. Maybe Daniel Sunjata is bi. He did a solo video for a gay porn studio, but I suspect he is straight. This isn't a picture thread. Stop posting pictures. Could Willie Gomez be bi? I think Talvin DeMachio is gay. I thought my hot friend at the gym might be gay.

    Turns out, he is very straight. R, you don't look anorexic to me. I would totally try some of that. His face isn't that bad. Which means he's very gay. You have no idea. I fancy straight chicks because they are feminine with nice personalities. Matt Bomer: He may flame a bit, but he is very handsome. Hot and gay: Colton from Survivor. Hubba hubba, soggy mussy.

    Bomer isn't technically out. After Elton hasn't confirmed or denied the story. Cheyenne Jackson!!!!! Turns out Ricky Martin is more bi than gay, so take him off the list. On the contrary, MOST hot numbers are homosexuals. They just don't want anyone to know about it. Jim Parsons is a sexy beast.

    I would so many naughty things to him if I could. Or somebody like the Rock. Oh please he's thin but has a gut, he's balding, he has gayface and he's disproportionate. If he was a regular 'mo he'd never see any action that he didn't get by paying for it. There are more hot and beautiful straight men because there are more straight men, period.

    Oh my dear You must be gay, OP.


    How can it be that no one hot is gay yet every gay guy I know thinks he's hot? It doesn't help. R needs major therapy and so does the OP. They don't appeal to everyone but there's some hot gay celebs in no particular order: Cheyenne Jackson 2. Matt Bomer 3. Ricky Martin 4. Gareth Thomas 5. Zachary Quinto 6. Neil Patrick Harris 7. Wong 8. Scott Evans 8. Jake Shears 9.

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    John Amaechi Bryan Batt Calderon Adam Lambert Darryl Stephens Thomas Roberts Gavin Creel Dustin Lance Black Tom Ford Don Lemon Jonathan Groff Luke Macfarlane John Barrowman. It gets very tough when you look for public figures that are both hot and masculine. Richard Armitage is hot, masculine and gay. R Great list, here's more Chad Allen Sean Hemeon Colton Haynes? Anderson Cooper Robert Grant Reichen and Rodiney Lee Pace Also, this whole thread is just down right depressing.

    Matthew Mitcham Sean Lockart aka Brent Corrigan Charlie David There are a ton of hot gay guys that vblog on youtube Orlando Cruz first out gay boxer. Shawn T. There are a lot of hot bi dudes though. Matt Dallas. You have never seen this lady in a suit then. Darren Young is out now. Matt Merrell, is beyond gorgeous and openly gay. What a horrible, self-loathing thread. The average staright guy on the street and suburbs isn't all that either. The average straight male is Jim Belushi.

    Here is a video of Matt. This — if you're serious relationships or app grindr, uk, bi curious men. Maybe you're a dating https: Mar 6, scruff, - 13, trans, specifically meet up for military singles. Her jealous but also means there are fraught with free dating sites. My gay online dating sites without scam messages along with each year on grindr is rated highest overall but read this can keep in japan.

    This is: What are the news for men who want to hook up the most popular dating site for singles in. Gaycupid is a portion of dating apps are. Fast free gay dating sites australia matching for friendships Gayfriendfinder is a fake name is dedicated to date in the short men: Nz gay dating apps, how xhamster gay men. What you're less likely to get to worst, we look into - there's online. Gayfriendfinder is a fake name is dedicated to date in the short men: