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Here are five tips to make sure you avoid a bunch of drama while looking around for that someone special. Before you sign up for any online dating site and fill in your profile information, you should sit down and write out what you want from a relationship and a partner. Are you hoping to meet someone who is of a certain income bracket?

Make a physical list with a pen and paper, or type it up and print it out. Above all, make sure that whatever you list is realistic and not fantasy based. The truth is, chasing bad boys for gay men never really works. When you build a profile on a dating site or app , you want to make sure it is polished and interesting to read.

That old saying about first impressions being powerful really is true! The same goes for the information that you put in your profile. Plain and simple, you want to be yourself in an online dating profile, but you want to present your best self. That includes your profile pictures too.

Use photographs that currently represent your physique and avoid photo-editing them whenever possible. First, you need to keep your note short and sweet. Instead, try something simple and casual that gets the conversation rolling. I love that picture of you and your dog.

10 Tips to Better Gay Online Dating

Is he a French bulldog? I have one too. If every date you go on with a gay guy leads you to say, "He was nice, but What's sex got to do with it?

Dating from the perspective of "it's all about sex" can pay off if that's how you truly feel. Conversely, making sex the secondary acquisition can also be a home run. When you hide from your truth, it won't set you free.

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Plus, being honest with yourself is a great launching pad for honesty in your relationship. Ask yourself, "So what? Do you always say: For example, "Gay dating is such a chore. Gay dating is a chore that eventually leads to feeling depressed and lonely So change the tape!

Be a fearless, foolish and fun-loving. Crazy as it sounds, one of these three "f-words" could lead you to Mr. First, be fearless in your gay dating pursuits. After all, if he thinks you're afraid, you probably are, and your sweaty armpit stains will rat you out!

Life, Off Script

If you can't win them by being fearless, then be a little foolish, and let your heart lead you. Even if you feel like a fool, you'll rack up the frequent heartbreak points that will eventually pay for an all-expenses-paid trip to true love. Finally, let the fun-loving gay dater in you out to play.

What's the worst that can happen? Stop comparing. Check out the merchandise, evaluate the functionality, weigh the benefits, but for crying out loud, stop comparing yourself to everyone around you! The more you look to others to validate your existence, your value and your self-worth, the deeper the hole gets for you to lay in and have sand kicked in your face. Just because "Bryce" dates like a mad man doesn't mean he's more datable than you. Find your stride, your way, your place and snuggle in.

That cozy warm space of dating your way will find you. You've heard it before: Trust is the basis of everything.

But honey, practice makes perfect, and it starts with you. As gay men, one of the hardest obstacles we face is trusting that we're okay because we're gay. The more you dial in, trust yourself and stop second-guessing, the more you'll rely on your own instincts and create the dating situations that are right for you. But baby, you gotta trust yourself because their ain't no one else that's gonna do it for ya.

Whether it's a first date, casual dating or dating to mate , gay guys face the same challenges as everyone else. The only difference is they do it with class, sass and still get a piece of ass when it's done right!

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