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More flirty. Sophie doesn't know what's going on. Rated T for language and some sexual content.

Revenge by eww. Goes off from there. Keep in mind that instead of 8th graders, they are now 10th graders. Worst Timing by Pickles and Pies As the gang enters college, Bella has to determine if her dream is football or cheerleading, Sawyer and Pepper's relationship is put to the test, something happens to Newt that will change his future, and a past memory returns. The Dare by AsherDash50 What starts off as a dare quickly becomes so much more.

What are yours? Rated T for drugs, and possible sensual romance. My Sawyer by Queen Preferences reviews Summary: Troy thinks Bella and Sawyer are dating. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Zella Oneshot by creativityunleashed88 reviews Zella [BellaxZach] a cheesy way to get together due to emptied hallways. Since when do you have feelings for him? Bella slouched back into her pillows. The Brave Soldier by janlew reviews Troy got some very awful news, and he hasn't been himself since then.

His friends can't get him to talk about whats been bothering him. Can Sophie be the one that makes Troy confess, or will Troy trap his emotions inside of him, slowly killing himself. Rated T for some bad language Rated: Post Play off Fluff by Fandom jumper0 reviews What happens when Bella tries to thank troy for what he did and the trouble that ensues afterword. Just another regular day for the Bulldogsnot?

What are they really doing when they're not cheerleading or playing football? Meant to be adventurous and funny and is rated T for language and some sexual content. T - English - Chapters: Start of a Summer by eww. Rated T for a lot of use of drugs, drinking. Just Maybe by Laurenio reviews Bella is a well rounded girl, good at everything she tries. But when she finds out a dark secret, her whole confidence is shattered. Who will help her piece her life back together and make her good as new? Things Happen for a Reason by life among the dead reviews When new kid, Mason Jones join the football team, will there be drama, fighting and romance?

Especially right before prom! You're only dating me so you won't have to be alone on prom night! You were only dating me to ump your "cool" factor. That was the last straw for Alvin. Rage was bubbling inside of him. Everyone in the hall was watching like it was some kind of soap opera.

Alvin couldn't take it anymore. Before he could stop his actions, he balled his hand up into a fist and hit Brittany in the face. Brittany looked up at Alvin in shock. Tear were threating to flow down her face, while blood was slowing coming out of her nose. By now, some students had rushed to aid Brittany with her bleeding nose. Alvin couldn't believe what he just did. He just punched his girlfriend in the nose.

What the hell was he thinking?

He was only 13! He was definitely too young to have so much anger inside him that he punch a girl! Great, now she's going to hate him for the rest of his life. Alvin should have handled things like Simon would. He should have just told Brittany he was sorry, even though he knew he wasn't wrong. He should have never let things escalate like they did. But no, he let his stupid actions take over him like a robot. And just like that, Alvin was single. He hadn't been single since 4th grade!

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Not only that, he was either going to have to miss the prom, or he was going to have to find another date. And quick! But, who wouldn't have a date to the prom already? The prom was this Friday, and today's Monday! What person wouldn't have a date by now? Reynolds was interrupted by Alvin. Reynolds called.

Alvin quickly hurried to his locker to he could put his books up and start asking girls to the prom. There had to be someone who still didn't have a date right? Surely some girl wanted to go but didn't have a date.

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Even if she was nerdy, he wouldn't have to hang out with her. At least he could say he had a date to the prom. He didn't have to tell with whom.

Now, who was nerdy, and could keep their mouth shut? It was perfect!

She definitely didn't have a date, and she was pretty, and, she knew how to keep her mouth shut. Alvin quickly threw his books into his locker before running off the lunch room. He got his food and paid for it before finding the purple-clad chipette. He found her, Simon, and Theodore sitting together. Alvin sat his tray down next to Jeanette. I wanna ask Jeanette something. Why do all the gay ones have to be the cute ones! Before Alvin could same another word, Principal Talbot walked in the lunch room.

Everyone got real quiet. Brittany and her friends were standing by him. Talbot had a grave look on his face. One that said I'm going to kill you. But, doesn't he all ways look like that? Alvin gulped. Because Brittany went and ratted him out, he was probably going to get suspended. If that happened, then he could go to the prom! That would suck. The beginning of the year prom was one of the biggest events of the year! Only losers would miss it! Dave and Alvin sat in Mr. Talbot's office in an award silence. Talbot was the first to speak. Seville, as you know Alvin has recently punched Brittany Miller.

But, I would like to know why. Wouldn't you? Talbot said putting Alvin on the spot.

If you are willing to take triple detention, then I'm willing to let you go to the prom. You have to apologize to Brittany, and start seeing a guidance counselor twice a week. Are we clear? Understand me? When I Alvin got home, he was kind of glad he had detention. And hour and a half of silence can really help you think up a plan in order to have a date to prom. He even made a not book page about this… hm….

Any other girl that doesn't have a date is going in a group or doesn't want to go with me cuz I punched a girl. What do you think? If you guys like it enough, I'll continue it, and if not, then I'll just remove it and keep it for myself! Yes, Simon is gay in this story, but he has no feeling s for Alvin what so ever. As mentioned in Alvin's notes, he has a crush on my OC that no one knew about Brendon! So, leave a review If you have something nice to say and tell me what you think! If you are going to talk about my grammar and how bad it sucks or how bad my spelling is please keep it to yourself.

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